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We gave adults across the country a attainment take a look at and here is what we tend to found out…

We thought it might be fun/interesting to require a number of queries from a Britain attainment take a look at created by National attainment and raise adults across the America to examine what the results were.

The queries we tend tore rated by National attainment as being of various problem levels therefore we elite one question from their entry level, one question from their bronze level, one question from their silver level and 2 from their advanced level. Giving America a complete of five queries.

We had 1,580 people complete the take a look at with a minimum of thirty adults from every state. it's necessary to notice that we tend to failed to raise our readers as a result of broadly the extent of attainment is probably going to be abundant over the overall public. we tend to needed a map of attainment levels among “average” Americans.

Argumentative children do better in maths and science, study finds

Pupils United Nations agency argue square measure additional possible to try to to well in English, maths and science, in keeping with new analysis.

Getting school kids to clarify their answers, dialogue and reason with their classmates will facilitate them to create additional progress in these core subjects, it suggests.

A total of seventy eight primary colleges in European nation with higher-than-average numbers of poorer kids took half within the trial of “dialogic teaching”, printed by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).
Teachers were inspired to raise their pupils open queries, encouraging them to become aware of the thought of exploring a subject instead of merely stating a affirmative or no answer.

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Independent analysis by researchers at city Hallam University found the two,493 9 and 10-year-old kids United Nations agency took half created, on average, 2 months additional progress in English and science than a equally sized cluster United Nations agency failed to receive the intervention.

Maths results were additionally boosted by 2 months for those eligible for free of charge college meals – a standard indicator of financial condition – and by one month on the average across all pupils.

More Democracy Through Mathematics

For democratic elections to be honest, pick districts should have similar sizes. once populations shift, districts ought to be decentralised – a posh and, in several countries, arguable task once political parties conceive to influence redistricting. Mathematicians at the Technical University of metropolis (TUM) have currently developed a way that permits the economical calculation of optimally sized pick districts.

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When constituents solid their vote for a candidate, they assume it carries a similar weight as that of the others. pick districts ought to so be sized equally in step with population. once populations amendment, boundaries ought to be redrawn.

The politics of math: Is algebra necessary to obtain a college degree?

If you can’t modify the subsequent operation, chances are high that the state won’t allow you to graduate from community college:

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Algebra issues like this one area unit at the center of a dispute over the extent of science deemed necessary to earn associate academic degree or transfer to a four-year school. Failure to finish intermediate pure mathematics has stumped tens of thousands of Golden State junior college students annually, keeping them in a very limbo that has sparked increasing criticism of the state’s (and abundant of the nation’s) one-size-fits-all science demand.

Does Chess Instruction Improve Math Ability?

Research has shown that chess players tend to possess higher psychological feature skills. however will this mean that chess instruction improves psychological feature abilities?

Mathematical problem-solving ability particularly is of nice importance in academic discussions and plenty of have projected the employment of chess instruction to boost the mathematics skills of scholars. A broad literature has developed around this subject, and researchers Giovanni Sala and Fernand Gobet reviewed the prevailing proof during a meta-analysis printed in academic analysis Review. The authors found that though there seemed to be a big impact for the teams United Nations agency contend chess, the bulk of the literature did not have a lively management cluster.

There is a simple way to bring maths and science up to speed Allow foreign teachers to work in this country on short-term permits, writes Wilson Johwa

Intellectual property is that the oil of the twenty first century — however not most for Sturmarbeiteilung, as things stand. the primary a part of this statement is by Mark Getty, the beginner of Getty pictures associated grandchild of oil top executive J Paul Getty; it emphasises the worth of ideas in an economy power train up for the long run.

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Uttered in 2000, it rings true nowadays, given the growing influence of unquiet technologies and therefore the onset of digital innovation. nevertheless Sturmarbeiteilung might be confined to the fringes of the march to the current new world, unable to stay up with the remainder of the group.

RD Sharma - The Big B Of Maths

R D Sharma is not the quite author you'd come across at lit fests. however his bestselling books have helped several CBSE students lose their dread of maths. Sunday Times profiles the tutor turned web star

rd sharma big b of maths math capsule

He dreams of algorithms that might offer the general public nightmares. And, spends each waking hour thinking of how to clarify ideas like 'series answer of linear differential equations'. Meet Dr Ravi Dutt Sharma — math teacher and author of twenty five reference books — whose name evokes the maximum amount awe because the subject he teaches. And tho' students have used his thick tomes for the last thirty one years to ace the terrible maths examination, it's solely recently that a spoof video turned the tutor into a YouTube star.

'Learning by Doing' seen in action

'Learning by Doing' seen in action math capsule

The expertise of a sensible learning approach during a grad school

According to the "classical" manner of teaching, the teacher has all the information and teaches with a particular variety of established theories developed over time, with the assistance of illustrations and demonstrations whereas the learner, generally the coed, just sits and passively acquires information.

In distinction, the "learning by doing" pedagogy consists of putting students during a sensible learning scenario wherever they learn from expertise.

Mathematics optional in Class X? High court weighs in

Bombay court nowadays went into a thorny question that tends to divide oldsters, youngsters and educationists: ought to arithmetic be mandatory in secondary school?

It asked college boards to think about creating the topic nonmandatory for sophistication X students as a relief for those going to later pursue the humanities or business courses that need no data of arithmetic.

The bench of justices V.M. Kanade and A.M. Badar noted that a lot of pupils fail the arithmetic paper and square measure forced to drop out of college when category X.

"Subjects like arithmetic aren't needed in degree courses like arts and different business courses. If AN possibility is given to the scholars to not study maths, it'll facilitate them complete graduation," Justice Kanade same.

Left-handed people are better at maths than righties, study suggests

Left-handed folks could are thought-about inferior traditionally, however a replacement study suggests they're really smarter in some ways in which than right-handed folks. 

Left-handed people are better at maths than righties, study suggests math capsule usa

Researchers at IFL Science have studied the link between handedness and mathematical ability, concluding a series of experiments on two,300 students in primary and educational activity.

To assesses laterality, the scholars were all asked to complete a form - the capital inventory - that asked them that hand they most popular to use for tasks like writing, drawing and throwing.

Left-handers outperformed the others once the tasks concerned troublesome problem-solving, like associating mathematical functions to a given set of knowledge, the study found.

How to make maths fun and engaging

Recent studies have shown that simply tierce of lecturers feel ready and equipped with the information and tools to show acquirement.

Meanwhile, student outcomes, and engagement, in maths are steady declining over the years. Figures show that in 2016, simply sixty nine of HSC students studied a maths subject – down from nearly ninety fifth in 1986.

So what’s driving these downward trends?

The creators behind widespread Maths resource, Matific, believe that, on the total, maths isn't tutored during a fun, partaking and easy approach that permits students to be told at their own pace.

Math could help identify ways to limit cancer cell growth

Scientists at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Sunshine State have developed mathematical models that might predict however tumours grow and once to convey medications to higher treat cancer patients.
“Cancer is taken into account a posh system, not not like the weather,” Dr. Alexander Anderson, chair of integrated mathematical medical specialty at the Moffitt Cancer Center, told CTV’s Your Morning on weekday.
Cancer may be a sickness within which mutations cause uncontrolled and abnormal growth in cells. a part of what makes it thus troublesome to treat is that cancer is consistently evolving and adapting.

Maths is our secret weapon in the fight against disease

Biologists have also started to take help of maths in their various operations. 

Maths is our secret weapon in the fight against disease math capsule

Maths is that the language of science. It crops up all over from physics to engineering and chemistry – aiding United States of America in understanding the origins of the universe and building bridges that won’t collapse within the wind. maybe a bit a lot of amazingly, maths is additionally more and more integral to biology.

TrumpBeat: A Budget With Math Errors And A Fraction Of A Wall

TrumpBeat: A Budget With Math Errors And A Fraction Of A Wall MATH CAPSULE

President Trump has had a rough begin to his term once it involves passing laws or enacting new policies. (The latest setback: The fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on Th refused to reinstate Trump’s travel ban.) however as we tend to noted some weeks back, he’s had additional success once it involves rolling back actions by his precursor, Barack Obama. Trump, with associate assist from Republicans in Congress, has repealed, suspended or delayed dozens of Obama-era laws on banking, global climate change and different problems.

What is digital marketing and why is it so popular?

There area unit excellent job opportunities in digital selling, giving children an opportunity to place their pc and social media skills to productive use.

What is digital marketing and why is it so popular?

A career in digital selling is one in every of the foremost promising careers to be in nowadays. In fact, it's such a lot opportunity; firms in Thailand|Siam|Asian country|Asian nation} area unit troubled to seek out “Digital Marketers” in prime firms as a results of Thailand not having enough talent. 
But why is digital selling thus well-liked in several countries we tend toll as|together with} Thailand? as a result of we currently board a world wherever our attention and time is spent among a tool. a tool would be your phone, pc or pill. Devices became a really necessary a part of our lives wherever we: 



In the previous couple of months, I even have had many individuals contact ME regarding their enthusiasm for venturing into the planet of knowledge science and exploitation Machine Learning (ML) techniques to probe applied math regularities and build impeccable data-driven product. However, I’ve determined that some truly lack the mandatory mathematical intuition and framework to induce helpful results. this is often the most reason i made a decision to jot down this diary post. Recently, there has been AN upsurge within the accessibility of the many easy-to-use machine and deep learning packages like scikit-learn, Weka, Tensorflow etc. Machine Learning theory may be a field that intersects applied math, probabilistic, engineering science and recursive aspects arising from learning iteratively from knowledge and finding hidden insights which might be accustomed build intelligent applications. Despite the Brobdingnagian prospects of Machine and Deep Learning, an intensive mathematical understanding of the many of those techniques is critical for smart|an honest|a decent} grasp of the inner workings of the algorithms and obtaining good results.

Top Skills Which IT & Digital Companies Are Desperately Looking For In 2017!

Top Skills Which IT & Digital Companies Are Desperately Looking For In 2017! math capsule

Mohandas Pai, former time unit head and ex-Chief money dealer of IT major Infosys has stirred a hornet’s nest once he declared that solely MTech degree holders are ready to get employment within the IT trade currently.

IT Unions across Asian nation have condemned this statement, that makes lakhs of BTech degree holder redundant within the current job market.

Although we have a tendency to cannot make sure or deny Mr Pai’s statement, as lakhs of jobs ar being terminated thanks to the impact of AI, automation and robots; we have a tendency to tried to search out out that skills ar in demand as of these days, which can facilitate a possible job seeker to induce noticed  within the IT and Digital field.

Machine learning: A chance for engineering students to look beyond software services

Machine learning: A chance for engineering students to look beyond software services math capsule
 Chintu, the robot, slowly weekday down on the ground, with each hands resting on its knees. Then, on command, it stood up, victimisation one hand for support. The 58-centimetre-tall golem, factory-made by Softbank artificial intelligence of France and owned  by geographical area Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune, was one in every of the attractions of IBM Cloud Forum, a gala of corporations victimisation IBM’s cloud and machine learning (ML) solutions within the last week of could in urban center. 

Alongside Chintu were its guardians — Astitva Shah and Krishnamohan M, final-year engineering students from MIT, Pune. The couple are acting on a project to develop Chintu as Associate in Nursing assistant for aged folks that reside alone. 

Machine learning: A chance for engineering students to look beyond software services math capsule

“It will be programmed to try to to lots. It will accompany Associate in Nursing aged person from space to space, act as Associate in Nursing assistant, seek advice from them and even facilitate calls with their close to and expensive ones. It will be trained to spot Associate in Nursing emergency and decision a hospital,” says Krishnamohan. 

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing customer management?

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing customer management? math capsule

A few years back, cloud computing reworked client management, giving each little and medium business access to unified information and communication platforms while not the requirement to form significant investments in IT infrastructure and employees. this point around, future revolution within the house is being driven by computing algorithms that facilitate businesses automatise client reaching and create best use of information.

Beneath the surface of the agitated ocean of information we’re generating hide exceptional business and sales opportunities. however the matter is there’s currently a lot of info obtainable than restricted human resources and bequest tools will handle.

How to revise ?

If you are a student, you consider one brain operate specially others: memory.

These days, we have a tendency to perceive additional regarding the structure of memory than we have a tendency to ever have before, therefore we are able to realize the most effective techniques for coaching your brain to hold on to the maximum amount data as attainable. the method depends on the brain's neuroplasticity, its ability to reorganise itself throughout your life by breaking and forming new connections between its billions of cells.

How will it work? data is transmitted by brain cells referred to as neurons. once you learn one thing new, a bunch of neurons activate in an exceedingly a part of the brain referred to as the hippocampus. It's sort of a pattern of sunshine bulbs turning on.

How math education can catch up to the 21st century?

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In 1939, the fictional academic J. Abner Pediwell revealed a curious book referred to as “The Saber-Tooth program.”

Through a series of satiric lectures, Pediwell (or the particular author, education academic Harold R. W. Benjamin) describes a Paleolithic program that features lessons in grabbing fish together with your blank hands and scaring saber-toothed tigers with fireplace. Even when the invention of fishnets proves to be a way superior technique of catching fish, lecturers continued  teaching the bare-hands technique, claiming that it helps students develop “generalized lightsomeness.”

The problem with mathematics

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Mathematics may be a huge drawback for several elementary school pupils in island and Tobago. Singapore maths knowledgeable Dr Yeap Ban Har, recently created a need modification within the approach during which elementary school lecturers teach and the way kids learn arithmetic during this country. whereas lecturers trust drilling and memorization, specialists have discouraged that approach, that is believed to try and do additional hurt than smart.

Make education free of charge?

Political parties are busy floating ideas for reducing the money burden of fogeys within the education of their youngsters, together with creating elements or all of education freed from charge. a number of the proposals could also be meant to woo voters within the next election, that should be command by the tip of 2018. however in making an attempt to handle the problem, the inescapable question are a way to secure the funds to buy the price of education. Education plays a vital role within the healthy development of society by nurturing youngsters. bigger efforts got to be created so qualified youngsters aren't empty education opportunities for economic reasons. Still, the proposals by the parties ought to be closely examined to check if they address the matter of price in a very rational manner.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party requires cutting parents’ money burden in pre-school and university education. The opposition Democratic Party requires free pre-school and highschool education and drastically reducing the burden of university education. Japan Ishin no Kai is proposing a constitutional modification to form all education through universities freed from charge.

Math…You Really Use It Every Day!

                                    math capsule maths capsule math capsule mathscapsule Math…You Really Use It Every Day!

Even before my love of politics, I favorite numbers. I even have invariably excelled at scientific discipline – it’s what paved  the method on behalf of me to become a controller before ever running for berth. particularly in today’s political climate that's saturated with contestation and stark political divide, I keep in mind one in every of the explanations I fell smitten with scientific discipline within the 1st place: As German man of science David Hilbert professed, “Mathematics is aware of no races or geographic boundaries; for arithmetic, the cultural world is one country.” during a world that's presently therefore divided, scientific discipline may be a universal language that may facilitate to pave roads, build bridges, solve issues, and even break down walls.

Math is employed each day! the design on students’ faces throughout my college visits once I discuss its several uses makes Maine laugh. generally scientific discipline gets a nasty name since students groan concerning having to find out specific algorithms or formulas while not looking forward to their smartphones.

Science leaning would be fun for students in government schools

Science leaning would be fun for students in government schools mathcapsule mathscapsule math capsule

The children of higher primary categories in government college of Miyanganj, Barabanki ar Associate in Nursing excited ton lately. Experimenting with circuits, magnets, wires and lenses, the scholars ar enjoying science sensible sessions additionally to their theory categories.

Thanks to the new science kit that has been provided to their college by the Department of Education for creating science fun and inspiring innovation among students. The kit includes some basic chemicals, slides, beakers, circuits, lens, microscope, thermometers etc. whereas the kit has already been received and its use has conjointly begun, work has conjointly started for the event of a correct lab for the scholars within the college field.

Why Germany educates international students for free

mathcapsule maths capsule mathscapsule math capsule

In 2016, German universities enjoyed another huge rise in international students, in keeping with the newest information. As numbers within the GB suffer, Federal Republic of Germany recorded near a seven per cent increase in international students coming back to the country.

This follows a jump of nearly eight per cent the previous year. Numbers have up concerning thirty per cent since 2012.

In most communicative  countries, this kind of news would have university finance chiefs grinning from ear to ear: more international students means lots of extra cash from hefty tuition fees.

Fending off Maths anxiety

math capsule mathscapsule mathematics maths capsule mathcapsule

My mother was what we might currently decision Maths anxious, if not neurotic . My girl, on the opposite hand, was a Maths major, that perpetually left Pine Tree State feeling just like the transmutation generation, capable of mastering Maths issues that seem in standardised school tests and extant school Calculus however ne'er extremely connecting to the subject’s beauty or power. thus once I hear individuals bring up lack of sureness once it involves numbers or intense Maths anxiety, I perpetually suppose 1st of my mother, a school English teacher World Health Organization was panicked by the concept of hard a tenth tip, and urgently grateful to depart it to any issue at the fourth-grade level or on the far side.

Failed at maths, got a gold star for honesty

Every day may be a faculty day within the Labour Party, continuously learning new things and rating low marks out of 10. Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, began the day with a maths lesson from that stern lecturer Nick Ferrari of LBC, World Health Organization once schooling Diane Abbott within the maths of paying a peace officer £30 a year turned his attention to Labour’s promise to chop category sizes.
math capsule math capsule mathscapsule

Turn your papers over now: If you pay £3 billion to reverse education cuts, as well as keeping category sizes below thirty, what percentage youngsters are affected? “Well, it’s completely different, there’s variants in terms of sophistication sizes over thirty,” Ms Rayner replied. “I’m not reaching to play that lottery.”
Fail. the solution is 520,000, Mr Ferrari same. Or 538,000, Ms Rayner claimed later, once she had an opportunity to borrow Ms Abbott’s abacus.

Machine learning and math can’t trump smart attackers

Machine learning and math can’t trump smart attackers math capsule

When you’ve been fighting black-hat hackers for many years, you learn a factor or 2 regarding them. Obviously, they're dangerous, and that they wish to play with code. however most significantly, they’re frequently learning and you would like to stay up if you wish to guard your customers’ businesses from their sticky fingers.

You weren’t bad at math — you just weren’t looking at it the right way

You weren’t bad at math — you just weren’t looking at it the right way math capsule

What will arithmetic seem like to you? does one see a wondrous landscape stuffed with connected ideas, or a sprawling mess of symbols? the excellence matters an excellent deal, as a result of your mathematical worldview is inextricably tied to your success within the subject.
We ar all acquainted with the multiplication grid, a centerpiece of lecture rooms and residential studies the planet over:
You weren’t bad at math — you just weren’t looking at it the right way math capsule

Girls now better than boys in mathematics, survey

Girls now better than boys in mathematics, survey , math capsule ,

Standard 2 pupils in city County ar the brightest overall performers in arithmetic nationwide, consistent with a replacement study that conjointly shows women ar higher than boys at the obligatory subject.

Top 10 Fast-Growing Careers for People Who Hate Math

Top 10 Fast-Growing Careers for People Who Hate Math

10 Fast-Growing Careers for People Who Hate Math

Engineering and finance jobs pay bundle, however WHO desires to agitate all those numbers?

When the nightly news or government agencies report on jobs with the very best demand, they're nearly always talking concerning jobs in STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, or math. Most STEM jobs don't seem to be solely high paying, however growing in variety by the day. And if you have got what it takes, following a degree in any STEM field are often a sensible thanks to snag employment with high pay and wonderful job security.

But, what if you completely hate math? sadly, many folks WHO cannot abdomen science or hate crunching numbers get afraid far from degrees in science, technology, and engineering for this terribly reason. whereas not all STEM jobs need the employment of science a day, the overwhelming majority need you to earn a degree that features high-level science as a part of the core information.

When Math Just Doesn’t Add Up: Understanding Dyscalculia

When Math Just Doesn’t Add Up: Understanding Dyscalculia

math capsule mathematics When Math Just Doesn’t Add Up: Understanding Dyscalculia

Learning disabilities specifically associated with scientific discipline area unit known as learning disorder. Signs embody problem recongnizing patterns or telling time, and that they area unit usually mistaken for MBD.

10 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom

10 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom

10 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom math capsule
It is no secret that several students aren't hooked in to maths. Students feel disconnected from what is taught in class, unsure of the benefits of math and reluctant to pursue careers in the field. Edtech is trying to change these attitudes by providing them with new ways to engage with numbers. Many companies have developed virtual tools for math, which permit students to be told, practice, and celebrate with completely different maths ideas. we'll discuss 10 of the simplest on the market.

Do We Really Need To Learn Advanced Math? One Professor's Case For A More 'Practical' Approach

Do We Really Need To Learn Advanced Math? One Professor's Case For A More 'Practical' Approach

mathematics math capsule math algebra

Do highschool students really want to require calculus, pure mathematics and trigonometry?

Maths is cool too! Some fun facts on mathematics

Maths is cool too! Some fun facts on mathematics

math capsule
Even though numbers are often scarey generally, however if learned properly and with fun, they will be pretty superb and funky. to form our purpose, let's have a look at few attention-grabbing facts regarding arithmetic

"Pure arithmetic is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."- physicist

No matter however nice and straightforward this quote makes United States of America assume arithmetic is, we have a tendency to area unit certain that for several of you, arithmetic as a topic looks no but a nightmare. The calculation which has alphabets, not to mention numbers, was no but a herculean task to complete. However, the very fact remains that arithmetic is a vital subject for college students. even if numbers are often scarey generally, however if learned properly and with fun, they will be pretty superb and funky.
To make our purpose, let's look at some attention-grabbing facts regarding mathematics:

math capsule

Changing Your Math 'Mindset' Can Boost Your Math Performance math capsule

Changing Your Math 'Mindset' Can Boost Your Math Performance

math capsule

There’s a scene within the 1988 show "Stand and Deliver," wherever highschool instructor Jaime Escalante (played by Edward James Olmos) argues with the pinnacle of the school’s maths program regarding the students' ability to try to to maths.

"You can’t teach logarithms to illiterates," says maths head Raquel Daniel Ortega, vie by Virginia Paris. "Look, these children return to America with barely a seventh grade education. There isn’t a coach during this space that isn’t doing everything he presumably will."

Math isn’t difficult, we’ve just been learning it wrong math capsule

Math isn’t difficult, we’ve just been learning it wrong

Math isn’t difficult, we’ve just been learning it wrong math capsule

Math is way from America’s favorite college subject, with an oversized chunk of the population reportage a legitimate worry and anxiety related to finishing mathematics issues. However, in a very recent video from massive suppose, Carnegie Andrew Mellon arithmetic academician Po-Shen Loh explains that mathematics is less complicated to master than different college subjects. We’ve simply been learning it the incorrect approach.

Dealing with maths phobia and overcoming it math capsule

Dealing with maths phobia and overcoming it!

Dealing with maths phobia and overcoming it math capsule

One of the foremost terrible subjects at school is reportedly arithmetic. concern of numbers for a few, is therefore intense, that it looks onerous for them to know ideas. most kids square measure tuned in to difficulties they need within the subject and report disliking the topic entirely. this could be what we tend to currently decision maths phobic disorder.

Top 10 Things you would love to know about S.Ramanujan, the Genius Who amazed the World

Srinivasa Ramanujan

The world can presently bear in mind the famed Indian man of science Srinivasa Ramanujan yet again, as a biopic on his life, named the person WHO Knew eternity, is about to unharness this April. Ramanujan, WHO lived a brief however terribly productive life, continues to be a thought for mathematicians across the globe, and his work has impressed lots of analysis over the years. Here area unit ten things to understand regarding him:



For many students, mathematics will look like a task. Not solely ar the ideas generally powerful initially, however academics ar needed to stay their lessons moving at a selected pace, creating it straightforward for any student to urge lost within the schoolroom shuffle.



If P(x) is a quadratic polynomial written in descending order of their degrees , then P(x) = 0 is called a quadratic equation.
The general form of a quadratic equation is 
ax²+bx+c = 0

where a, b and c are real numbers and a ≠ 0.


A real number ɑ is said to be a root of the quadratic equation ax²+bx+c = 0 and a ≠ 0 , if a  aɑ²+bɑ+c = 0.
We can also say that x = ɑ is a solution of the quadratic equation.e.g. The quadratic equation is 
x² - 6x + 8 = 0
If x =2 then 2² - 6(2) + 8 = 0 
so x =2 is root of quadratic equation.


In this chapter we will study to find the surface area and volume of solid figure , like parallelepiped , cube, cuboid, cylinder , cone , frustum of cone , sphere and hemisphere and we will study to find the surface area and volume of combination of solid figures combination of two or more different or similar solid figures.


The objects which occupy space (i.e. they have three dimensions ) are called solids.
The solid figures can be derived from the plane figures.
e.g. In figure (i) , we have a paper cut in the form as shown. It is a plane figure. But when we fold the paper along the dotted lines, a box can be made as shown in figure (ii) , which occupies some part of the space. It has more than two dimensions and therefore it fulfils the criteria of being a solid figure.



Today we are going to study about  rational expressions,


An expression of the form p(x) / q (x) , where p(x) and q(x) are polynomials and q(x) ≠ 0 is called a rational expression.

* In the rational expression p(x) / q(x) , p(x) is called the numerator and q(x) is called the denominator of the rational expression.

* Every polynomial can be said to be rational expression. Since p(x) can always be written as p(x) / 1 .

* Every rational expression need not be a polynomial .





Today we are going to learn about how the sequence of various numbers work and how we can trace out what number would follow after a certain number , or at a particular index,


Sequence following certain patterns are called progression.
e.g. 2,3,4,5,..... is a progression, here each term is interesting, here each term is increasing by 1.


An arithmetic progression is a sequence in which the difference between any term and its just preceding term is constant through. The constant 'd' is called the common difference. The first term of AP is represented by 'a' and the formula for the xth term is 

aₓ = a + (x - 1) d


Today we are going to learn about surds and radicals  in this blog post .

Before beginning with 'surds and radicals' you should visit and revise the concepts of number system ,


So, lets begin with surds and radicals

Let x be a rational number and n be a positive number such that ⁿ√x is  irrational , then ⁿ√x is called a radical of order n or surd and here x is called the radicand.

* A surd of order 2 is called quadratic surd, i.e. √2
* A surd of order 3 is called a cubic surd i.e. ³√5
* A surd of order 4 is called a biquadratic surd
* A surd has no fraction under the radical sign .
* The radicand has no factor with exponent n.
* A surd is not equal to any surd of order lower than n.
* ⁿ√x is a surd only if x is a rational and ⁿ√x is irrational.
* When x is irrational or ⁿ√x is rational then ⁿ√x is not a surd.

NUMBER SYSTEM math capsule

Today we are going to study about the number system and how we can really play with the numbers.


The system of numeration employing then ten digits 0, 1,2,3,4,.....,8 ,9 is known as number system .
A group of digits, denoting a number is called a numeral.

A number may be a natural number , a whole number , an integer , a rational number , a real number etc.It is important to mention here that the above classification of numbers is not mutually exclusive, e.g. . An integer can also be a whole number or a natural number.


There is a saying , Mathematics gives you more analytics powers at hand .

This is quiet true . Today we are going to tell you about ,

5 CEOs who studied mathematics .

According to some reports by the Education Department of United States, the people who study mathematics  or science have the highest rates of employment.

And also having a mathematics degree , gives you more significance .

According to some reports, jobs have grown 75% faster as because more and more math graduates were in the market and the students with such a degree were having a high probability of having a high paying job.


Today we are going to learn about the Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures .

These include various figures like, square , rectangle , quadrilateral , parallelogram , rhombus , trapezium , right angled triangle , isosceles triangle , scalene triangle, equilateral triangle , circle , circular ring , semi circle , quadrant of circle , area of sector , regular polygon , etc.

All these are important plane figures and today we are going to study about their area and perimeter and how we can compute them easily .

Tip : get a pen and paper and write each formula for five to six times

so that you may easily remember the formulae of area and perimeter of plane figures .

So, lets begin ,


Hi in this blog post i am going to tell you ,

What are the best books for you to improve your mathematics,

There are various people and they have different needs of what they want to read about , actually there needs depend upon may be what they are presently pursuing or what they want others to read.

Here is my list of recommended best books for you to improve your mathematics , so that you may learn better .

I have divided the whole things into categories so that it may get easier for you to get an idea of what book you want .



Sometimes , we need to find the height of tower , building , tree , distance of a ship from light house, width of river and angle subtended by any object at a given point, etc.

We cannot measure them accurately , though we can find them using the concepts of ,

(1) Angle of elevation
(2) Angle of depression


Angle of elevation is defined as an angle subtended by an eye with the horizontal axis to see an object in the upward direction.


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Do you want to learn something about linear equations and how to play with them?
Here is your guide to it . 

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An equation is a statement of equality of two algebraic polynomial(monomials) involving one or more variable.
An equation is a statement in which two algebraic expressions are equal.
e.g. 7x+5 = 0 is an equation but only 7x+5 is an expression.

LOCUS math capsule

How to learn locus ?
What is a 'locus'?
Why do we need to read about it? Here is your answer to every question  in your head 


The curve described by any point which moves under the given geometrical conditions is called locus.
e.g. The locus of a point (in a plane) equidistant from a fixed point (in a plane) is a circle with the fixed point as centre.
The plural of locus is loci and it is a read as losai.
* The locus may be a line or lines , straight or curve.
* Every point which satisfies the given geometrical conditions lies on the locus and vice versa.
* A point which does not satisfy the given geometrical conditions cannot lie on the locus and vice versa.


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This post is regarding the hcf and lcm of polynomials and monomials. If you want to learn about the hcf and lcm of numbers then click this yellow link below . It will take you to another article . Sorry ;)

 HCF and LCM 

HCF OF POLYNOMIALS                                     

The highest common factor of two or more algebraic expressions is the factor of the highest degree which divides each of the expressions without a remainder.
It is denoted by HCF or GCD.
It is a convention to take HCF in such a way that the coefficient of the highest power of the variable is positive.

LOGARITHM math capsule

log ! log ! log!
You know this was the most scary term in mathematics for me when i was in high school!
But when i studied it , it became the most easy concept to learn and i used to do the problems in seconds . And sometimes that too without using pen and paper.


If 'a' is a positive real number other than 1 and 'b' is a rational number such that aⁿ= B then we say that logarithm of B to base 'a' is n or 'b' is the logarithm of N to base 'a', written as 

logₐ B = n
So, aⁿ = B <=> log ₐ B = n

e.g. 7º = 1 <=> log ₇ 1 = 0


This blog post is going to tell you about polynomials , and if you want to learn them , then believe me that this is the right place for you . 
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An algebraic expression having a variable x and its non-negative integral powers with real numbers as coefficients is called a polynomial in x.


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The square of a number is obtained by multiplying it by itself.
e.g. Square of 5 = 5 * 5 = 25 , square of 6 = 6 * 6 = 36

Perfect square or square number -
A natural number n is called a perfect square or a square number , if there exists a natural number m i.e. n = m².
e.g. The numbers 1 , 4 , 9 , 16 , 25 ,........  are square number.

PERCENTAGE math capsule

I was always the first kid in my classroom to whom the teacher used to ask what percentage of studies do you do at home?
And i was confused every time, why because i did not know the answer? Not really , i knew it .... but the answer was 0% .
But yeah of course i used to cover all this during the school hours of mine ,
so , lets start this blog post and i hope this will help you guys learn at a much faster rate.


Per cent is a fraction whose denominator is 100 and numerator of the fraction is called the rate per cent . Per cent is denoted by the symbol '%'.


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A ratio is the fraction or comparison of two or more quantities of the same type by division , i.e. if a and b are two quantities of same kind then the fraction a/b is called the ratio a to b . Here , a is called the first term (or antecedent) and b is called the second term (or consequent ) .
e.g. The ratio of 7m to 9m or 7 : 9.


How to study fractions ?
Ever Wondered?
This is where your search is going to end , not an end but this is where you are going to dive into the concepts of decimal fractions .


A number which can be expressed in the form of p/q where q does not equal to 0 , is known as fraction .
e.g. 4/5 , 3/2 ,etc are fractions and here the lower number is called as denominator and the upper number is called as numerator.

TIME AND WORK math capsule

In this chapter , we will study the relationship among the quantity of work given , wages given to them stipulated time , number of persons , etc , and after it , we will be able to complete the work in stipulated time by arranging some persons according to the work but before it , we should have known some basic rules.

PROFIT AND LOSS math capsule

Did you ever wondered how a shopkeeper is going to maintain his orders?
or how a lady is going to organise her monthly budget?
they all here and there use concepts of profit and loss , either knowingly or unknowingly,
So lets dive into these,


Did you ever wonder how fast you run?
I never did!
But , seriously the way the speeds and distances work , can play a much vital role in daily life,
suppose you depart from a station and you know the speed of the bus you are in and want to calculate if with the present speed , will you be able to get to your destination in time....
So, lets see some of these concepts,


How much is my bank going to pay me for depositing a certain amount of money into my bank account?
Has this question came into your mind ? If yes, then you are going to master all ways how you can calculate this in this blog post on SI and CI.


When we borrow some money , then customarily the money lender or the person who is giving us the money uses to charge some extra amount of money in lieu of the money that he has lent us.This extra money by the money lender is called Interest.

HCF AND LCM math capsule

Formulas you need to remember :

1. when you want to calculate the least number which when gets divided by numbers namely x,yand z and leaves remainders as a,b and c respectively, then the number can be calculated as ,

                      number = [LCM of (x,y,z)-p], where p=(x-a)=(y-b)=(z-c)

2.when you want to calculate the least number which when divided by x,y and z leaves the same remainder in each case , then the number will be,
                      number =[LCM of (x,y,z)+R], where R is the remainder left in each case