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[ How technology has changed entertainment industry ? ]

How technology has changed entertainment industry ?

No, this text isn't concerning a way to use technology in your location-based wall unit or FEC. neither is it concerning a way to use social media to promote a business. There ar lots of alternative places you'll be able to examine a way to incorporate technology in each the front and back of house and promote a business mistreatment social media. In fact, it’s laborious to remain current on those things as technology and its applications ar dynamic  thus apace.

How technology has changed entertainment industry ?

Rather, this text is concerning however mobile connectiveness has modified the method we have a tendency to consume and skill out-of-home leisure and recreation experiences.

Not that earlier our experiences primarily solely lived within the moment they happened, in our reminiscences and generally in old school analog written pictures that we have a tendency to may sometimes share. these days that has all modified because of the expansion of the net, social networks and mobile property. these days experiences live on a time-line from their 1st about to their happening to their broadcast, typically at the same time with the expertise, and so well on the far side as they’re shared and for good archived, all created doable by the net and social media. this is often a basic shift in human behavior. As a result, experiences have currently become a robust style of social content and currency.

People these days ar seeing a lot of price in doing things and sharing those experiences instead of in accumulating things. A survey this year by JWT Intelligence of adults within the U.S. and U.K. found that seventy nine say they price expertises quite they are doing material things ANd sixty fourth would rather pay their cash on an experience than a cloth item. Ipsos OTX in their surveys found that sixty fourth of american citizens would rather purchase a cool expertise than a cool product.

People these days equally live on- and off-line lives, at the same time for several. these days folks board the physical world in their home, places of labor and alternative locations. however they conjointly live their lives on Facebook, Twitter, email, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and lots of alternative social media sites. many of us, particularly the younger generations, ar what ar referred to as Perpetuals – constantly connected via the net and sensible phones. progressively, logging on isn't longer one thing we have a tendency to DO, however rather one thing we have a tendency to ar.

As a result world experiences ar directly broadcast and shared within the digital world and linger on the sites to forever be seen. Experiences have currently become a robust vehicle for social expression, speech communication and earning standing among on-line friends. we have a tendency to accustomed earn standing and social group connectiveness by the fabric product we have a tendency to in hand, higher referred to as “Keeping up with the Jones.” we have a tendency to ar fast-paced from the importance of possession to the importance of affiliation to “Keeping connected with the Jones.”

“Social media is that the animal tissue that permits customers to multitask throughout their recreation experiences by connecting with others and sharing their opinions,” notes headcounter Jon Penn of the findings from a recent poll of social media users by analysis firm Penn Schoen Berland.

The poll found that one-quarter (24%) of Facebook users and fifth (21%) of Twitter users have announce at the moving picture they're observation at the cinema. Of all moving picture postings, two hundredth occur before the moving picture, V-day throughout and seventy two once observation the film.

Viewers of social media have in several respects conjointly become participants within the real-world recreation experiences of their friends. world also as digital world recreation afford America a shared expertise that connects America to our fellow man. William Nicholls has gone thus far on say, “In some ways recreation is that the faith of the twenty first Century.”

The seventh annual Edelman world recreation Study discharged in June of this year found that individuals throughout the globe were sharing their recreation experiences through social media. though the study centered on digital media, TV and therefore the movies, the illation for alternative kinds of location-based recreation ought to be an equivalent.

The study clearly complete, “that the apace dynamic  market continues to be driven by the passions of people and their innate want to share their passions and positive experiences [through social media]. The study found that individuals share recreation content the maximum amount as the other style of content – seventy six share recreation, seventy fifth share concerning their own lives and seventy six share concerning their friends. “This shows the powerful emotional affiliation folks feel towards recreation as they share it the maximum amount as stories concerning their own personal lives.” Edelman found that within the U.S. the importance of being the primary to fancy new recreation rose from 17 November in 2011 to thirty ninth in 2013.

Being 1st may be a trend that has known as expertise Cramming below the broader trend class of Newism – “The want to inform fascinating standing STORIES is additional supply consumers’ unending lust for brand new experiences, particularly acute during a world wherever such a lot of identity is expressed on-line.” They report that several status-hungry customers ar resorting to expertise Cramming, collection and mixing-and-matching as several, and as wide a spread, of recent experiences as doable since distinctive experiences are getting tougher to search out and therefore typically high-ticket.

If you've got any doubt concerning the growing importance of sharing out-of-home experiences on social media, simply take a glance at what building customers do. currently sharing a feeding expertise is way quite simply posting a review on some web site. Sharing a photograph of your meal has gone success on Instagram (known as foodstagramming), Foodspotting and alternative icon sharing social media sites also with mistreatment smartphone apps. whereas not everybody on Instagram may be a food icon fanatic, foodstagramming is sort of a furore among its a hundred thirty million monthly active users (as of June 2013). The big apple Times reports that some restaurants are attempting to ban the apply on the grounds that it's distracting to patrons, whereas the Wall Street Journal reports that several restaurants ar providing diners perks to post photos of their meals for promoting their restaurants.

As a noteworthy aside, a recent study within the journal psychology suggests that posting a image of a dish on Instagram before excavation in my build it style higher, as ritual enhances the enjoyment of consumption (learn more).

Foodstagramming has caused the building trade to boost the bar in terms of the presentation of their food for diners. currently the plate has become a blank canvas on that restaurants have to be compelled to gift not solely a decent tasting, however conjointly a visually appealing dish as a photograph image of it's certain to be sent out somewhere on the net for the globe to visualize.

So in terms of rating the standard of a building feeding expertise, a brand new criteria has become whether or not the food are a few things you would like to visually share along with your friends via social media and the way can it enhance your standing with them.

Even simply sharing the situation wherever {you ar|you're} along with your friends once you are out and concerning has which means. arrival sites like Foursquare ar concerning sharing wherever you're and therefore the expertise you're having the maximum amount as they're review sites.

As the telegraph exterminated the space and time of data, therefore the net annihilates the space and time of expertise.

B. Joseph Pine, II

So moving on to recreation venue experiences, what all this implies is that the bar there has conjointly been raised by mobile property, as in spite of what the recreation expertise is, it currently must be adequate that you simply need to share it along with your friends via social media. You certain don’t need to share the expertise unless it's distinctive, inspiring, funny, fun, fascinating or cool enough to warrant posting electronically. even though you're alone at the venue, you actually aren’t, as you currently have social property along with your friends. The very last thing you would like to try to to is share some recreation expertise that may cause you to loose social rank. therefore the ability to own instant bragging rights has become a brand new live for attending out-of-home recreation experiences.

Good isn't any longer adequate. Social property has conspired to kill average once it involves recreation experiences. these days the expertise higher be one thing price sharing via social media.

Social property has conjointly modified location-based recreation experiences in 2 alternative ways in which. sensible phones enable guests to have interaction in electronic recreation like videos and games, also because the recreation of social media. As our frugalness article during this issue noted, visiting and posting on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is currently thought-about a style of recreation by half of one mile of social network users. thus once a guest is physically at a location-based recreation venue, the expertise that venue is providing is usually competitory in real time with the experiences the sensible phone offers. is that the world expertise adequate, higher than the electronic experiences that guests hold in their hands? It had higher be otherwise you won’t see that guest once more, however you'll see a foul review crop up on the net.

The other method social property changes the dynamics of attending AN recreation venue is that the guest presumably brings promoting by the venue’s world competition with them. one in all their friends could arrival on Foursquare or on another arrival app that they're currently found at another recreation facility or building. If the 2 need to induce along, that location can win? is that the expertise the guest has higher than the expertise their friend is having? can the friend return to the guest’s venue or can the guest leave with their wallet?

One factor that extremely mobile connected customers, particularly the perpetuals, would love to visualize is having the ability to digitally move mistreatment their mobile devices with recreation venues whereas they're there. They crave digital interaction also as world physical interaction, as they contemplate their mobile device a region of themselves. we have a tendency to seeing this happen with several tv shows, wherever viewers have digital interaction with the show whereas observation it. many theme parks are attempting to maneuver during this direction with custom apps. Even Chuck E. Cheese’s currently permits some rudimentary mobile device interaction in their stores mistreatment their increased reality Say Cheese app.

No matter however you verify it, world recreation is facing disruption and challenges brought on by mobile property. It’s a full new traditional that's still evolving, however one that location-based recreation venues cannot.


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